Flip Book: Anatomical Diagrams and Protocols for Cosmetic Injections
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Flipbook 18 page tent stand construction with wire flip bind

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  • Layers Of The Face Diagram

    Section 1: Toxin Anatomy

    • Toxin Injection Muscles Diagram
    • Botulinum Toxin Chart

    Section 2: Filler Anatomy

    • Major Vessels Diagrams

    Section 3: Emergency and Elective Hyaluronidase

    • Filler Risk Levels Diagram
    • Danger Zones Diagram
    • Emergency Hyaluronidase Diagram
    • Hyaluronidase Protocol Diagram
    • Elective Hyaluronidase Diagram

    Section 4: Others

    • Filler Assessment Algorithm Diagram
    • Lip Filler Journey
    • Management of Vascular Occlusion: Practical Tips for Using Hyaluronidase Conceptual Map
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