NSW Cosmetic Mono Threads Hands-on Training

NSW Cosmetic Mono Threads Hands-on Training
  • Workshop Time

    6 hours online + 3.5 hours practical = 9.5 hours CPD

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This course covers the use of PDO mono threads whilst still familiarising you with the variety of different types of cosmetic threads available in the market that aim to achieve the same outcome. PDO mono threads are a fantastic tool for facial tightening and rejuvenation. They are effective in achieving results with minimal downtime. Most importantly, they are simple and easy to do if taught the correct method, leading to high patient satisfaction.

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to start offering mono threads in your rooms with minimal set-up. Learning to perform mono threads can help you tap into the growing aesthetics industry and its increasing consumer demand, and offer an additional service to your existing patient base.

Certification and CPD

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the online course and hands-on workshop respectively. Each certificate will reflect the relevant CPD hours which you will be able to apply under the self-study component with your regulatory body. You will receive 6 hours for the online course and 3.5 hours for the hands-on workshop.

Course Components

  • Highlights
  • Course Components
  • Course Outline
    • Cosmetic threads in general – long threads and monothreads
    • Different types of cosmetic threads available on the market
    • Concept of thread lifts and skin tightening
    • PDO monothreads – their indications, procedure, outcome
    • How to insert monothreads

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn about cosmetic threads in general – long threads and mono threads
    • Know about the different types of cosmetic threads available on the market
    • PDO Mono threads – their indications and outcome
    • Learn how to insert mono threads
    • Learn how to manage side effects and complications
    • After care associated with cosmetic mono threads
    • Understanding the concept of thread lifts and skin tightening


    This workshop is aimed at all practitioner levels that are able to perform mono threads within their scope as determined by their local regulatory body. You must be an AHPRA registered doctor or nurse who has existing insurance coverage for mono threads to enrol. Nurses must also provide details of a nominated supervising doctor. Delegates are also requested to bring their own models, who will be pre-screened by our trainers to ensure suitability for the procedure.

  • 1. Online Course

    After enrolling, you will receive immediate lifetime access to the online component of the workshop. You may preview the course content at the bottom of this page. You will need to review the material and pass the tests to complete the course before attending the hands-on workshop. During this process, you are encouraged to reach out with any questions. Completing this course may also help you with applying for insurance if you have not already, and deliver proper informed consent to your model prior to the practical training.

    2. Hands-On Workshop

    The practical workshop will cover important theory information and focus mainly on the hands-on approach of the procedure where you will have the opportunity to treat your own patient. This includes treatment consultation and planning, choosing the appropriate product tailored to your patient, taking clinical photos and much more. This is carried out in an actual medical aesthetics clinic, where health and safety standards are met according to local regulatory guidelines.

    3. Ongoing Mentorship

    Aesthetics training requires more than just attending a workshop. You will need to build experience in order to ensure competency. After completing the workshop, you will have 6 months access to ongoing mentorship with our team of qualified trainers so that you have someone to reach out to should any challenges arise. You may also be able to come into their aesthetics practices to observe how real in-clinic treatments are carried out. This will open up more pathways to more advanced learning and help you build confidence in offering treatments independently.

    • Chapter 1 : Learning Objectives
    • Chapter 2 : Introduction to Threads
    • Chapter 3 : Concept of Short Threads
    • Chapter 4 : Short Threads: Treatment Areas
    • Chapter 5 : Patient Selection
    • Chapter 6 : Skin Laxity Assessment
    • Chapter 7 : Contraindications and Complications
    • Chapter 8 : Consultation and Documentation
    • Chapter 9 : Short Threads Marking and Design
    • Chapter 10 : Procedure
    • Chapter 11 : After Care
    • Chapter 12 : Steps to learning Short PDO threads
    • Chapter 13 : Summary
    • Chapter 14 : Online Assessment Quiz
    • Chapter 15 : Participants Feedback Form
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