IPL : Intense Pulsed Light

  • Duration

    3 Hours

  • Location

    Online Only

  • Certificate

    Certificate of Completion

  • Prerequisite

    Laser Safety (Recommended)

  • Suitable For

    All Professions

  • Price

    $680 Lifetime Access

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has been revolutionary in cosmetic medicine and has been a trusted tool of successful aesthetic practitioners for many years now. Using IPL, the practitioner is able to treat a versatile array of conditions and cosmetic concerns such as hair reduction, skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and vascular disorders. Upon completion of this course, you will become familiar with the strengths and limitations of IPL technology and how to use it effectively.

We do recommend that you complete the Laser Safety course and Skin Foundations Online Program before embarking on this module in order to maximise your learning.

  • Highlights
  • Course Outline
  • Team
  • Reviews
    • Key differences between lasers and IPL
    • Uses of IPL for treatment of cosmetic skin conditions
    • Concept of IPL for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation treatment of pigmentary and vascular disorders
    • IPL consultation and identifying clients suitable for IPL treatments

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

    • Understand the key differences between lasers and IPL
    • Identify the different uses of IPL for treatment of cosmetic skin conditions and concerns
    • Understand the concept of IPL for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, and treatment of pigmentary and vascular disorders
    • Conduct an IPL consultation and identify clients suitable for IPL treatments
    • Chapter 1 : Pre Course Knowledge Evaluation
    • Chapter 2 : Learning Objectives
    • Chapter 3 : Introduction to IPL
    • Chapter 4 : IPL for Pigmentations
    • Chapter 5 : IPL for Vascular Lesions
    • Chapter 6 : Self-Assessment Quiz 1
    • Chapter 7 : IPL Hair Reduction
    • Chapter 8 : IPL Photorejuvenation
    • Chapter 9 : Patient Consultation
    • Chapter 10 : Treatment Precautions
    • Chapter 11 : Treatment Preparation
    • Chapter 12 : Treatment Parameters
    • Chapter 13 : Self-Assessment Quiz 2
    • Chapter 14 : Post-Care
    • Chapter 15 : Side-effects
    • Chapter 16 : Advantages & Disadvantages of IPL
    • Chapter 17 : Online Assessment Quiz
    • Chapter 18 : Participant Feedback Form
  • The Aesthetics and Skin Institute (ASI) is a global training organisation based in Australia. Our mission is to empower your success in aesthetics, whether you are a doctor, dentist, nurse or skin therapist. We offer both online courses, hands-on training and certificate programs to help you become a confident practitioner in cosmetic injectables, threads, lasers, skin therapy and much more.

    Led by Dr Ben Chan, our team of educators are successful industry leaders who are passionate about teaching and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics medicine.

  • I really enjoyed doing these courses, they lay out all the information you need so you can complete it quickly and feel more confident in practice. It is also much cheaper than competitor courses and you can pay it off each course as you go instead of all at once which I really appreciated.

    Dr John Adams

    The courses offered by Aesthetic and Skin Institute are a fantasting starting point for learning all the relevant anatomy and physiology and safe injecting principles. I have now completed two short courses (cosmetic injectables) and have found them thoroughly informative and integral to my growth in the industry.

    Layla Dimesiez

Frequently Asked Questions

ASI’s accredited courses are doctor-led and based on anatomy, with ongoing support to build your confidence and competency. We have a comprehensive coverage of aesthetics and skin disciplines, with distinct pathways from beginner to advanced.

Yes, you will receive your certificate of attendance or completion upon successfully completing your online course or hands-on training.

We provide training pathways for doctors, dentists, nurses and those wanting to become a skin therapist. For more information click here.

You will have lifetime access to our online courses. This includes the pre-learning material for our hands-on training. You will receive free updates over time as the content improves.

Why The Aesthetics and Skin Institute?

ASI provides a comprehensive coverage of aesthetics and skin disciplines, with distinct pathways from beginner to advanced.

  • Backed by over 30 years of industry experience
  • Anatomy-based courses designed by leading doctors
  • CPD certified, and ACRRM accredited injectable courses

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