Advanced Neurotoxin Training Program

This program is designed to focus on the aesthetic application of neurotoxins for advanced facial and neck areas not covered in the foundational module. It covers techniques such as brow lifting, reducing bunny lines, addressing gummy smiles and cobblestone chins, lifting the nasal tip, reducing nasal flare, and enhancing the neck and décolletage. The course… Continue reading Advanced Neurotoxin Training Program

VIC: Cadaver Workshop: Facial Anatomy Exploration and Dissection

VIC: Cadaver Workshop: Facial Anatomy Exploration and Dissection

NSW: Cadaver Workshop: Facial Anatomy Exploration and Dissection

NSW: Cadaver Workshop: Facial Anatomy Exploration and Dissection

Skin Masters Professional Certificate Program

Skin Masters is a comprehensive and immersive program developed by industry-leading experts and is designed to elevate your knowledge and build a strong foundation in dermal sciences. This program will help you gain a profound understanding of skin science and anatomy along with the different skin types, classifications and common skin conditions along with assessing… Continue reading Skin Masters Professional Certificate Program


PROFHILO®  is a bio-remodelling injectable anti-ageing treatment indicated for contour redefinition and :laxity remodelling. It works on all layers of the skin creating volume resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and hydration and an overall improvement in skin quality and elasticity. During this course you will learn all about PROFHILO® treatments and… Continue reading PROFHILO®

Advanced Cosmetic Long Threads

Advanced Cosmetic Threads – Long Threads is a highly advanced course that teaches the use of long threads to achieve what is commonly known as a ‘lunchtime face lift’. It is also referred to as the ‘Thread Lift’. Long threads are specially designed to achieve a similar outcome as the conventional surgical facelift but without… Continue reading Advanced Cosmetic Long Threads

Cosmetic Mono Threads

Cosmetic Threads – PDO Mono Threads covers the use of PDO mono threads which are a popular aesthetics tool for facial tightening and rejuvenation. You will also learn about different types of cosmetic threads available in the market that aim to achieve the same outcomes. PDO mono threads are effective and give immediate results with… Continue reading Cosmetic Mono Threads

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